Wellcome Museum of Anatomy and Pathology

The Wellcome Museum of Anatomy and Pathology is a teaching and study centre. It exists to support medical/allied-health trainees and professionals in their study and understanding of human anatomy and pathology.
It contains human bone and tissue which has been prepared to demonstrate a particular aspect of anatomy or pathology. They consist of specimens preserved in fluid, dry preparations mounted in containers, articulated skeletons and disarticulated bones. The Wellcome Museum is not a typical museum with display cabinets, all specimens are on open shelves and, wherever possible, can be moved for detailed study or for inclusion in teaching.
The majority of specimens have supporting information; this is being upgraded. We do have some key anatomy and surgery textbooks in the museum to aid study. However, we recommended you bring your own, particularly if you are from a different health/scientific sector.
A general look around the museum is useful and will give you an understanding of what the collections consist of. However, as it is a study and teaching centre, it is recommended that group leaders plan, in advance, particular areas for their groups to focus on. Groups can make use of the lecture area at the rear of the museum and use the specimens in lectures; this needs to be requested when booking.

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